The best screensavers and live wallpapers all in one app

Bring Your Screen To Life

Screensavers and wallpapers, what are they in the modern world? In the past, they protected computer screens from burning out; today, they will protect you from stress and emotional burnout! If you are ready to bring the magic of various corners of our world and even parallel universes to your desktop, then in Screen Wonders you will find both scenes that have become classics over 20 years and the latest releases from 3Planesoft.

This is not a video that is repeated time after time. These are live scenes and everything that happens in them at the moment is seen only by you!

Download Screen Wonders for free and enjoy it immediately!

Save disk space - quickly install your favorite and seasonal wallpapers

Customize playlists to suit your mood, holiday or time of year

Instantly enter and exit screensaver mode with a password

Control the order and frequency of wallpaper changes

The variety of themes, seasons and festive scenes are sure to appeal to you

Easy search and filtering system. Try it:

Spring Summer Fall Winter
Morning Day Evening Night
Easter Halloween Christmas

They say beauty demands sacrifice but you don't need to worry because the smart energy-saving settings will slow down the wallpaper if you need your computer to work at full capacity or if your notebook is running low on power.

Full multi-monitor support and ultra-wide monitors allow you to see breathtaking panoramic views! Support for Retina 4k and 5k displays makes these views extremely clear.

So sit back comfortably and relax - the wonders are already on your screen!

And we continue creating new ones...